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Air Curtains

At EURONICS entree, our centrifugal Air Curtains are with high international quality standards. The air curtain maintains environmental separation with a light flow of air,that not only results in lowered energy costs but also helps in preventing air borne contaminants & deterring flying insects from moving from one open space to another-enhancing sanitation & hygiene. Applications Entrance of Industries, Restaurants, Offices, Malls & other commercial places.

General Features of Air Curtains:

  • Cooling Retention Effects: Air Curtains Prevents cold air to go outside & hot air to come inside.
  • Super Sleek Design: Aesthetics that speaks of Slim design & looks apt for any modern environment.
  • Resists Ingress of Dirt & Insects: The even air flow pressure helps in keeping away insects.
  • Velocity Control Feature: Gives full access to control the mode of air curtain depending on door height.

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