EXB02 Sensor Operated Bidet


Power & voltage: DC6V
Battery: 4 x ‘AA’ size cells
Power consumption in static: ≤0.5mW(DC)
Operational water pressure range: 0.05 – 0.7mPa
Diameter of inlet /outlet pipe: DN15
Sensing distance: factory set 15cm
Once in sensing range, water flows out immediately, and once out sensing range, water shut off by sensor
circuit immediately, sensor circuit detect sensing objective less than 0.4 second.
Extra-time Protection: Sensor circuit will stop working automatically if action has continued for 60 seconds.
Low battery indicator: when input voltage lower than 4.4V, sensor circuit will in alarm status and shut off
solenoid valve automatically. While sensor detects sensing objective, the LED will flash red three times
quickly per second without water out; when without sensing, the LED will flash red one time per five
seconds. After replacement of battery, alarm will be disappearing automatically.


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